PCT Seminar

Comprehensive Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Seminar

Aug 13, 2012 to Aug 14, 2012

Presented by NKU Chase Law + Informatics Institute, in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Sponsored by WIPO and CincyIP. Up to 10.5 CLE KY & OH Credits (to be applied for). Registration is required. Space is limited. First come, first serve.

The seminar will provide patent attorneys, patent agents, patent portfolio managers, paralegals and law students with a comprehensive understanding of the PCT, which is an international patent law treaty to unify the patent filing procedures to protect inventions in its contracting states. The one and one-half day seminar will include patent portfolio management strategies for maximizing patent protection and minimizing legal expenses. The seminar will also include best practices, procedures for filing original patent applications in PCT member states, and recent changes to the PCT.

Carol Bidwell and David Reed, US consultants to WIPO on PCT matters, will present the program. This Comprehensive PCT Seminar is hosted by Director Jon M. Garon, NKU Chase Law & Informatics Institute.


  • General Public: $350
  • NKU Chase College of Law alumni (2007 and before): $250
  • CincyIP Members: $250
  • Non-NKU Students/Full-Time Faculty: $50
  • NKU Chase College of Law alumni who graduated on or after 2008: $50
  • OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL FEE: Printed Materials: $25

For additional details and to register: www.lawandinformatics.org/pct and http://chaselaw.nku.edu/centers/law-informatics//pct/registration.php.  Please contact Lindsey Jaeger (jaegerl1@nku.edu) with any questions.


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