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Informatics, Generally

“The term informatics embraces the modern concept of information in all its aspects: information management, infrastructure, processing, presentation, dissemination, design, and analysis. It is deeply integrative in approach. … Informatics is the application of theories and technologies of information to other fields. It deals with the art, science and engineering of information and communication in its broadest social context, and in its most focused technical details.” ~

The intersection of law and informatics deals with the regulation of information systems sometimes as a discrete body of law or – more commonly – as a part of a broader legal regimes. Such topics include the regulation and use of information systems, business innovation, and the development of best business practices regarding the exploitation and effectiveness of the information and data systems in business, health care, media and entertainment, national defense, and the public sector. See

Preliminary Resources – Laws Online

Who’s Who

Governing Bodies and Regulatory Agencies in the U.S.

Global Governing Bodies and Regulatory Agencies

Regional Organizations

  • UNECA (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
  • APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
  • UNECE (UN Economic Commission for Europe )
  • ECLAC (UN Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean)
  • ESCWA (UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia)


 Other references

Licensing Organizations & Publications Rights Clearinghouses

Trade & Bar Associations dealing with Informatics

Advocacy Organizations


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