Course Materials

In prior semesters, I have taught courses including Entertainment Law, Copyright Law and Small Business Intellectual Property Transactions. These lectures and accompanying slide presentations are sometimes of assistance to students as a supplement other classes or review additional content. They can also serve to let other ‘audit’ the courses. Many useful reading materials are available at my SSRN page or at my Amazon author page.

These slides and lectures are intended for review purposes only. They should not be taken as legal advice or relied upon without consulting with a licensed attorney competent in the field. All the materials are included here.

 Entertainment Law

  • An Introduction to Entertainment Law
  • Band Agreements
  • Contracts, Credit and Control in Entertainment Agreements
  • Copyright
  • Copyright Public Performances
  • Defamation, Privacy and Ethics
  • Film Finance
  • Music Copyright
  • Music Industry Overview
  • Secondary Liability and Take-Down Provisions on the Internet
  • Social Media and Virtual Worlds
  • Sound Recordings
  • Trademark Law, Unfair Competition and Publicity Rights
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • Privacy, DMCA and Technology

 Copyright Law

  • Copyright Overview
  • Formalities; Originality; and the Idea/Expression Dichotomy
  • Copyright Authorship
  • Copyright Secondary Liability
  • Public Performances, particular in Musical Works
  • Copyright Transactions; Review

 IP Small Business Transactions


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