About – Why Law + Informatics

What is Law + Informatics and why should we study a field we barely recognize? See the Video.

Law + Informatics provides a regulatory and contractual framework for the exploitation of information and the use of information systems. This includes email, social media, RFID-enabled devices and tagged goods, personal health information, financial data and many other fields. As these increasingly become the standard way for us to communicate, to do business, and to participate in government, government, business and public advocates all the need for a better understanding of these systems and better regulations regarding the ownership and use of these data.

From the College of Informatics:

“The term informatics embraces the modern concept of information in all its aspects: information management, infrastructure, processing, presentation, dissemination, design, and analysis. It is deeply integrative in approach. In practice, it ranges from the development of information technologies in the service of specific fields, to broader scholarly investigations of the representation, processing and communication of information in its full social context.

Informatics is the application of theories and technologies of information to other fields. It deals with the art, science and engineering of information and communication in its broadest social context, and in its most focused technical details.” ~ NKU College of Informatics

The newly formed Law + Informatics Institute will partner with NKU’s state-of-the-art College of Informatics to explore these issues, providing independent research into better public policy, more uniform business transactions, and appropriate legal protections for individuals and industry.

At the core of the Law + Informatics Institute is a traditional intellectual property program developing students understanding of copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret law, and publicity rights. In addition is a fundamental understanding of the current state of data privacy and security laws at the state and federal level.

Beyond the core areas of understanding, students, lawyers and professionals in the informatics fields, will be exposed to the application of these concepts in various industries, such as entertainment, manufacturing, finance and health care. Partnerships will be developed to provide students externship opportunities and give industry the opportunity to bring the legal tools of law & informatics into their firms and businesses.

Most importantly, students will partner with academics and industry leaders in original research on the critical changes necessary to law and industry practice essential to developing a healthy balance for promoting both privacy and the convenience promised by these new technologies.


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