2012 Informatics Symposium

Northern Kentucky Law Review – Law + Informatics Symposium

The Northern Kentucky Law Review hosted the inaugural Law + Informatics Symposium on March 1-2, 2012. This conference was presented in association with the NKU Chase Law & Informatics Institute. The two-day conference gathered academics, lawyers and industry leaders from throughout the United States, Europe and Asia to focus on cutting-edge issues involving data privacy, cyber-security, international trade, internet regulation and other critical issues. The Symposium was an opportunity for academics, practitioners, and students to exchange ideas and explore emerging issues in informatics law, disruptive innovation, and the increasingly interconnected information environment.

An extended program summary is available here. The full issue of the Symposium Journal has shipped. A PDF version will be available from the Northern Kentucky Law Review.

The panels on the first day of the Symposium emphasized issues involving criminal justice and the media, antitrust, HIPAA/HITECH Act compliance, GLBA reporting, social media marketing, and international internet regulations. The presentations on the second day included such topics as international cyber-crime cross-border transactions, international publicity, cyber currency, and privacy legislation.

Each of the symposium sessions were recorded. See the links below to replay the conference.

A video series is made available from the Northern Kentucky University Law Review Symposium in conjunction with the NKU Chase Law + Informatics Institute. The collection of materials from the March 1-2, 2012 provides a permanent collection of the exceptional presentations provided by the participants.  All are available to be viewed on the Law + Informatics YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/lawandinformatics

Legal Aspects of Internet Governance: International Cooperation on Cyber-Security

David Satola

Digital Divisions: Racial (In)juctice and the Limits of Social Informatics in the State of Georgia vs. Troy Anthony Davis

Rachel Lyon, David Harris, and Mark McPhail

1.2.1: URL- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqt2o2RLUKE

Informatics Implications on Privacy

Dr. Jasmine McNealy: The Right to Know v. The Right to Be Forgotten

Lauren Solberg: Regulating Human Subjects in the Information Age: Data Mining on Social Networking Sites

Anne Gilliland: Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Historical Health Sciences Collections

McNealy, Solberg, Gilliland, Weiner: Informatics Implications – Conclusion

A Comparative Review of Cyber Crime Law and Digital and Computational Forensics in Russia, the United States and under the Convention on Cybercrime of Europe

Michael Losavio

Dr. Keeling

Selected Aspects of Standard Setting

Jorge Contreras: Practical Policies for Bioinformatics Standards

P.J. Blount: Pre-Operational Legal Review of Cyber Weapons and Capabilities

Peter Yu: Region Codes and Territorial Mess

Applied Informatics of the Media

Vaibhav Garg: Information Technology Act: Implications for Intellectual Freedom in India

Dr. Kankanala: Publicity Rights of Celebrities in India

Economic Implications of Informatics

Eric Chaffee: Informatics and Securities Regulation: Exploring the Role of Securities Law on the Internet and within Virtual Worlds

Susan Stephan: Datamining for Gold: Social Media and Social Capital


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