Tweet all that you can tweet – U.S. Army Social Media Guide Updated

The U.S. Army recently released the second version of its Social Media guide. The revised Army guide sits alongside the previously released Navy Command Social Media Handbook providing a very useful summary of best practices for the adoption of social media for business (and even personal use). Both documents are hosted and available through Slideshare.

While the general public may not need the reminder about the Uniform Code of Military Justice, many sections are highly relevant to individuals and business organizations. Checklists for operations are helpful reminders. Admonitions to” mix it up,” to “balance ‘fun’ with ‘medicine,'” and to measure its impact are quite important.

Nearly as interesting is the discussion on branding. The Guide explains the brand behind “Staying Army Strong” and the various color and style guides. Again, most small business would be well advised to have such a clear statement of their brand strategy for their employees and the public.

A related website, the DoD Social Media Hub provides a wealth of resources on education, training and laws related to social media, informatics, cyber defense and many of the various military policies. As with the social media guidelines, the other DoD policies provide excellent resources to begin developing a company’s own policies – as well as understanding what our government is engaging in at the moment. In particular, the Education  & Training page plays host to many helpful resources. (For example, everyone should double check the NSA summary on protecting home networks.) The Web and Internet-based Capabilities (IbC) Policies is another useful source.

And of course, as government-authored documents, all the materials actually created by the U.S. government are in the public domain. So use and reuse, and be all you can … you get it.